Legal Nurse Consulting

Mountain Laurel Health Care can save time, money and frustration. Armed with knowledge and expertise of the medical system allows us to cut through red tape and help win personal injury, medical malpractice, and other health related litigation (and legal cases).

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Nurse Navigator & Advocate

The medical and health care system can be very confusing in its language and processes.  At Mountain Laurel Health Care, let us help navigate the healthcare system and assist in planning a course of action.  This may include connecting you to resources or attending appointments with you as your advocate.

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Holistic & Integrative Healthcare

Have you been frustrated by lack of progress with your health challenges working with the Western allopathic medical system?  Would you like to explore other avenues to improve your health through a variety of more holistic, integrative means?  At Mountain Laurel Health Care, we can use a complete health history with general and nutritional assessments to help you determine your greatest areas of need, then develop a customized plan to address those needs.  We also offer a variety of modalities such as CranioSacral Therapy and other energy work that can help you meet your goals and achieve excellent health.

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