Are you an attorney, paralegal or other entity handling legal issues in health care?  Confused and frustrated trying to interpret and make sense of the thousands of pages of tedious, technical medical records trying to uncover crucial facts that will impact your case? Let me help you transform that huge amount of complex data from chaos to clarity and cut through the red tape. Whether your caseload includes medical or nursing malpractice, personal injury, products liability, toxic tort and environmental cases, criminal cases or any other case involved with medical or nursing issues (eg. workers’ compensation, probate, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, etc.), I can provide you with cost effective service that will help you win your cases, saving you time and money.

I am able to:

  • Screen cases to ensure merit and eliminate the expense of non-meritorious lawsuits.
  • Review and analyze medical records, agency policies and procedures and related documents to determine their relevance to your case, including detection of tampering with records.
  • Enhance the credibility of your cases by identifying and locating the best expert
  • Develop chronologies and reports to summarize significant medical events and show how they fit into the overall cases analysis.
  • Research and utilize the most recent authoritative medical literature.
  • Many other services such as preparing interrogatories, requests for production and deposition questions, interviewing and preparing key witnesses and experts and more.

With 39 years of widely varied nursing experience and previous experience as a CLNC in the Asheville area, I can quickly pinpoint and interpret medical and nursing issues in any case involving health, illness or injury. Let me help you make dollars and sense out of medical records.